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Esito's fields of experience


ESITO is specialised in Asset Management, Manufacturing, and Supply Chain consultancy and implementation. Our style is regarded as result driven, process focussed, detailed if necessary and focussed on the behavioural change needed. ESITO consultants act at all organisational levels to improve collaboration and the effectiveness of the client organisation.

Esito's industries

Esito's partners have conducted many projects in a wide-range of industries. Please find below a list of industries in which Esito is or has been active:

• Oil & Gas
• Chemical
• Iron & Steel production
• Pharmaceuticals
• Power Generation
• Powergrids

• Automotive
• Aviation
• Retail
• Transport
• Airports / ports
• Defence
• Water

Why do clients like to work with us?

• ESITO supports organisations in achieving sustainable and improved bottom-line results.

• Organisations investing 1 euro in ESITO get a minimum of 2 euro in return.

• ESITO delivers

• ESITO invests in and maintains long-term relationships with its clients.


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